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traveling to 'happy together'

Wyatt Wang es un chico de Singapur que decidió hacer un viaje de 50 horas con destino al "otro lado del mundo", inspirado en Happy Together de Wong Kar-wai. El "peregrinaje" fue algo más que simplemente pasar por Buenos Aires, las Cataratas de Iguazú y Ushuaia, porque Wyatt va con el objetivo, al igual que aquellos tres personajes, de encontrar su "propio espejismo donde verdaderamente pudiese ser feliz" pero el viaje termina revelándose de otra manera.

Su diario es exquisito y conmovedor, casi como la película de Wong Kar-wai. Tanto... que es inevitable sentir por momentos como si él no estuviera en Argentina. Recomiendo leer y ver todo el diario de viaje, que es un poco largo y está en inglés pero que definitivamente vale la pena.

I was all set to realise my Happy Together dream. I

It was pretty amazing to think that 50 hours (30hours on flight and 20hours on a bus ride) was spent on a journey, more than half a world away, just for me to visit a waterfall. People would think that I am crazy when they know I went through all these just to find out how Tony Leong (in Happy Together) felt when he got himself really drenched in Iguazú!

I continue to stand in front of the waterfall, not moving, while getting fully drenched by it. Listening to the Happy Together Soundtrack with my trusty Ipod (just kept repeating track 1: Cururrucucu Paloma), I tasted water droplets that had fallen onto my face. It somehow got a weird salty taste; though we all know that Rio Iguazú is a river (thus it filled with fresh water). This was when I realised that I would never be contended in my travels - no matter how far I go to. I

I still had not found my mirage even after half of my trip.

So this is fin del mundo (or the end of the world)... I

I first knew about fin del mundo when I watched Happy Together as a 19-year-old. The film said that if one ever gets there, all he/she needs to do is to dig a hole, whisper secrets in it and it would be forever kept. I told the "hole" that I was so grateful to be here and this was already enough.

Just before the flight took off, I took a hard look from whatever I can see in Argentina from the tiny airplane window. My mind (as usual) asked me if I would ever come back again. At this moment, I suddenly felt a tinge of sourish feelings up my chest. Yes, all these contradictions is acting up; all encouraged by what is inside each and everyone of us - the feeling of not letting go.