hotel oriental

.Las habitaciones de este hotel serán ocupadas por algunos fetiches, obsesiones e impresiones del mundo asiático.



place I hong kong museum of history

fuente I kris atomic
via I rich of eve

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(Diego Loayza) Oneiros dijo...

Qué vivan los cincuentas.

Anónimo dijo...

This is a great museum. A must-see if you ever go to Hong Kong. The museum is currently featuring an exhibit of vintage Shanghai and Hong Kong material artifacts. I'm so disappointed that it will be closing the week before I visit Hong Kong at the end of August. But at least there's a catalog I can pick up!

John Manuel dijo...

Juniper Girl dijo...

Diego, ¡que vivan! yo soy totalmente retro.


Duriandave, another place to go when i travel to Hong Kong someday - soon i hope-. Thanks for the recomendation.


JM, gracias. Está tuitiado y todo jejejeje.

Juniper Girl dijo...

Duriandave, I put a few photos but here and here are more.


Anónimo dijo...

Thanks for the links, Juniper Girl! Those pictures really capture the museum's special environment. You can walk through without reading a single description and still come away with a sense of Hong Kong's history.

David C. dijo...

Buenas fotos.